Our Team

Thomas Prodromou

Thomas Prodromou

General Manager

FLASH AGENCY was founded in 2010 and was initially located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The main objective of the FLASH AGENCY is to provide quality services to its clients whether they are clubs, players or coaches.

The FLASH AGENCY is run by Mr Thomas Prodromou, a FIBA registered Agent # 2009021744 and Greek Federation Agent # 201031.

Before shifting to the field of representing players, Mr. Prodromou had spent several years coaching at various levels in Greece: from a director of the PAOK Basketball Academy to a head coach for Under 16 teams and finally to an assistant at the men’s pro level with a specialization in scouting. His extensive coaching experience is a definite asset enabling him as an agent to more accurately assess and effectively meet the needs of his clients. Mr. Thomas Prodromou spent also 4 years serving as the person in charge of the operation of the Greek Coaches Association department in Thessaloniki. Through this capacity he developed a broad network of direct relationships with top American and European coaches. Mr. Thomas Prodromou holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He speaks Greek, German, Spanish and English.

FLASH AGENCY office has been moved since 2014 in Middleton, Ireland.

Mr Giannis Damianidis

Mr Giannis Damianidis

Director of Operations

He is part of Flash Agency since September 2018 and responsible for the operations of the agency.

He is a holder of bachelor degree in marketing and market research from ICBS. Before getting involved with sports he worked for 22 years in the construction of public works.

He is bringing a long experience on sports management as he worked as General Manager from 2000-2012 he worked for ARIS Thessalonikis B.C., from 2016-2017 for Doxa Lefkadas B.C. and from 2017-2018 for AEL B.C. During his presence as General Manager of Aris Thessalonikis the team won the FIBA Europe Cup, one Greek Cup and participated in Euroleague.

Mr Damianidis speaks Greek, French and English.

Mr Theodoros Dalkidis

Mr Theodoros Dalkidis

Soccer Scouter and Player Developer

He joined Flash Agency and the newly football department of our agency September 2018 as ‘’Soccer Scouter and Player Developer”. He is bringing in our team his huge experience as professional soccer player (1988-2002), professional coach (UEFA A Diploma), technical director (U19 Greek Champion with ARIS Thessalonikis) and scouter (2007-2011 - participation in two Greek Winners Cup finals).

He has been working together with coach Dusan Bajevic, Hector Raul Cuper and Kike Hernandez as head of scouting for ARIS Thessalonikis.

Athanasios Petrakis

Athanasios Petrakis

Dietician - Nutritionist

Mr Athanasios Petrakis joined the team of Flash Agency in December 2015 and is taking care of our clients for nutrition advices and programs. His long experience on the field and his knowledge of the needs of athletes and especially basketball players are very efficient and helpful for our players. He has been a basketball player in the past and has cooperating with several athletes. He is a member Member of the Nutrition Society in England N.S. He speaks English and Greek.

Alberto Cea Ferreiro

Alberto Cea Ferreiro

Flash Agency Agent Scouter

He is part of Flash Agency since February 2019. For 16 years he has been working at the telecommunication branch as a commercial director of large companies. His passion for basketball started a little earlier and he has been working 18 years as a coach. He has traveled all over Europe to know different ways of working, different clubs and has participated in big international tournaments He knows very well the Spanish basketball and his experience has helped him to work with players of different profiles, nationalities. Mr Ferreira speaks English and Spanish.

Our Partners

  • Sabin Gherdan

    Sabin Gherdan

    East Europe 

    Starting with mid 2015, our agency concluded a agreement with a person who literally breaths basketball, Mr. Sabin Gherdan. Born in Oradea, Romania, he started as a basketball player being several times elected to the Romanian junior national team. Sabin Gherdan is a FIBA licensed agent (license no. 2016504727) and Law licensed professional specialised in Civil Law, Contracts Law and Sports Law. Most importantly, Sabin played 12 years of professional basketball for CSS LPS Bihorul Oradea, being also an active member of the Romanian National Team. He has won a National Championship title in 2007, a silver medal in 2009 and a bronze medal in 2005. He is also head coach of the University „Babeș-Bolyai” Law School women team being the National Champion in 2016. 

    Sabin created SLG Sports Agency http://www.slgsports.com  in 2016 with the belief that athletes in Romania need more quality representation and incentives to do better.

    He graduated from University of „Babeș-Bolyai” – Law School in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

  • Stephanie Stanley

    Stephanie Stanley

    US Partner

    Starting with mid 2017,our agency concluded a agreement with Stephanie Stanley, Merit Sports www.meritsports.com as our US Partner. In 1997, Stephanie began hosting an Annual Free Agent Camp with the sole purpose of providing a venue for professional caliber players to showcase their skills.

    The camp is well attended by WNBA personnel and the attendance of overseas scouts has increased each year. In addition to the camp, Stephanie attends various tournaments throughout the United States with New York Primetime to ensure that her clients gain maximum exposure.

    The New York Primetime Women’s Basketball team has experienced great success since its inception in 1986. They have won several championships at NYC’s West 4th Street league and have dominated at the Pro-Am National Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The roster is comprised of players with professional experience as well as recent college graduates. To date, several of our clients have made it into the WNBA or have secured overseas contracts as a direct result of the exposure gained by playing with Primetime or by participating in our free agent camp. 

    Stephanie was one of the first agents certified by the NBPA in 1999, who were dedicated to female players.

    When the WNBA formed their players union, Stephanie was among the first to be WNBPA certified in 2000 and is currently a member in good standing.

    Stephanie is also FIBA licensed and has been FIBA Certified since 2007.


  • Miquel Sola

    Miquel Sola

    Spain & Other Countries 

    Miquel Sola is the General Manager and owned of Sore Sports http://soresports.com/. He is FIBA Agent since 2010 and more than 15 years active in the sports representation business.

    Miquel has a Physical Education and Science Teaching degree. Moreover he has studied Marketing and sports management. Basketball is his passion and he used to be also a basketball coach as he is holder of Superior Basketball Coach license of FEB. He is Sports agent mainly in basketball and soccer and moreover in sports like tennis, formula 1, GP motorcycles. Miquel has worked with world famous athletes (NBA Euroleague, ACB, European , South American, Asian and African leagues).

    In addition to his activities like an agent, he is running also the UMIA PROJECT, which is a project targeting sports talent, as a life option, with children between 14 and 22 years old to enhance their sports skills and academic training based in Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal and the USA (Colleges and High School).

  • Rizep Benghuzzi

    Rizep Benghuzzi

    Africa & Middle East

    Rizep Benghuzzi is our partner for Africa and Middle East since 2018. He has been studying in Portsmouth college for sport science.

    He has grow up and study at Greece, where he worked also as team manager for Esperides Glyfada.

    He has Libyan nationality and Studied Sport Science and Management. Worked at the Libyan and Greek tv!

    Now he manages the media office of Mr. Hassan Tatanki, Libyan poltiican and most famous business man in Libya!

    He is maried with two children and speaks Greek-Arabic and English.