Our Services


We, at FLASH AGENCY, feel that only through the exceptional quality of our services can develop FLASH AGENCY to a distinguished one. Getting jobs for each and everyone of our players, negotiating contracts to the best interest of our players, maintaining close contact with our players throughout the entire season, supporting them in all aspects related to their profession are only indicative of the wide range of personalized services offered by the FLASH AGENCY.



Staying jobless for part of or even an entire season is the number one fear of any player. Players at the FLASH AGENCY had better feel confident that a descent job is awaiting them. The restricted number of high quality players represented by the FLASH AGENCY maximizes their chances of getting placed in a setting that best serves their ambitions.


Players at the FLASH AGENCY should feel secure in knowing that every detail regarding their engagement with the club has been taken care of. Moreover, by regularly following up with each club the FLASH AGENCY ensures that the contract terms are fully met by each club.


We, at the FLASH AGENCY, feel that if we are to help our players achieve their best we have to be there for them any time they need us. Establishment of a personalized relationship with each one of our players is a must for the FLASH AGENCY.


Creating an absolutely safe environment where each player could focus solely on the task at hand to achieve his/her full potential remains the top priority for the FLASH AGENCY. Thanks to the services offered by a supporting cast of experts, the FLASH AGENCY aims at meeting all kinds of needs a professional player might experience. Technical support, strength and conditioning advice, nutrition and diet education, legal support, are characteristic services readily available to all of the FLASH AGENCY players.

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