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Emilie is a 6'1 point-center, who can handle the ball up the court as well in regular offense - she has great court vision finding teammates in transition inside - out . Her athleticism benefits her well in all aspects of the game. She has always been one of the best in contributing consistently with assists, steals, points, and especially rebounding is a trademark for Emilie. Emilie is the consummate team player and does a great job of creating easy scoring opportunities for her teammates with her aggressive yet unselfish style of play. In addition she loves to work hard and her competitive spirit is a trademark of hers.  






Aarhus, DEN




2006-2007: Aabyhoj (Dameligaen): 4 games: 1.0ppg, 1.5rpg, 1.0apg, 1.3spg
2007-2008: Aabyhoj (Dameligaen, starting five)
2008-2009: Aabyhoj (Dameligaen, starting five): 28 games: 7.5ppg, 7.3rpg, 1.9apg, Steals-2(3.1spg),FGP: 37.3%, 3PT: 30.0%, FT: 58.9%
2009-2010: Aabyhoj (Dameligaen, starting five): 27 games: 13.5ppg, 7.7rpg, 2.0apg, Steals-1(3.9spg)
2010-2011: Aabyhoj (Dameligaen, starting five): 20 games: Score-2(16.6ppg), 7.5rpg, 3.0apg, Steals-1(3.2spg), FGP:38.9%, 3PT: 21.6%, FT: 76.3%
2012-2013: Horsholm 79ers (Dameligaen): 2 games: 25.0ppg, 9.0rpg, 1.5apg, 4.0spg, left in Sep.'12, played also at Eckerd College
2013-2014: Colorado St. (NCAA): 22 games: 1.9ppg, 2.0rpg
2014-2015: Colorado St. (NCAA): 21 games: 3.6ppg, 4.0rpg
2015-2016: Colorado St. (NCAA, starting five): 31 games: 3.1ppg, 5.7rpg, 1.8apg
2017-2018: Stevnsgade BBK (Dameligaen, starting five): 25 games: 12.3ppg, Reb-1(15.2rpg), Assists-2(5.1apg),Steals-1(2.6spg), FGP: 42.9%, 3PT: 19.4%, FT: 60.4%
2018-2019: In Dec.'18 signed at Vitoria SC - Guimaraes (Portugal-Liga Femenina, starting five): 23 games: 11.2ppg, 12.2rpg (Top-1), 2.6apg, 3.4spg, 2FGP: 43.6%, 3PT: 25.0%, FT: 56.5%
2019-2020: U.M.F. Skallagrimur Borganes (Iceland-Dominos League, starting five): 23 games: 17.2ppg, 13.9rpg, 4.1apg, 4.0spg, 1.2bpg, 2FGP: 44.8%, 3PT: 27.8%, FT: 70.7%
2020-2021: BMS Herlev Wolfpack (Denmark-Dameligaen, starting five): 19 games: 12.5ppg, 10.3rpg, 3.7apg, 3.1spg, 1.0bpg, 2FGP: 39.6%, 3PT: 28.0%, FT: 74.4% - European Championship: 6 games: 9.2ppg, 6.3rpg, 2.3apg, 2FGP: 35.4%, 3PT: 40.0%, FT: 100.0%
2021-2022: AKS Falcon (Dameligaen, starting five): 17 games: Score-3(18.1ppg), Reb-1(16.9rpg), Assists-1(5.5apg),Steals-1(3.2spg), Blocks-3(1.5bpg), FGP: 40.7%, 3PT: 26.3%, FT: 72.8%
2022-2023: IK Eos Lund (Sweden-Damligan, starting five): 16 games: 15.8ppg, 12.1rpg, 3.7apg, 3.5spg, 0.9pg, 2FGP: 38.1%, 3PT: 40.8%, FT: 72.%

Achievements / Awards

Danish Cup Semifinals -07, 13
Danish U18 National Team -07-08
European Championships U18 Division B in Skopje(FYR Macedonia) -08
Danish Dameligaen Finalist -09, 10, 18
Danish Cup Winner -10
Eurobasket.com All-Danish Dameligaen 2nd Team -10
Eurobasket.com Danish Dameligaen All-Domestic Players Team -10
Eurobasket.com Danish Dameligaen All-Defensive Team -10
Danish Cup Finalist -11
Eurobasket.com All-Danish League 2nd Team -11
Eurobasket.com Danish League All-Domestic Players Team -11
MWC Regular Season Champion -14, 15, 16
MWC Tournament Finalist -14
MWC Tournament Winner -16
Danish Dameligaen -18 (Player of the Week: 3 times)
Eurobasket.com All-Danish Dameligaen Domestic Player of the Year -18
Eurobasket.com All-Danish Dameligaen 1st Team -18
Danish National Team -18
European Championships for Small Countries in Cork (Ireland) -18 (Gold): 5 games: 11.0ppg,
Reb-1(11.6rpg), 2.8apg,1.6spg, FGP: 52.6%, FT: 68.2%
Eurobasket.com All-European Championship for Small Countries Best Center -18
Eurobasket.com All-European Championship for Small Countries 1st Team -18
Portuguese Cup Finalist -19
Eurobasket.com All-Portuguese League Second Team -2019
Danish 3x3 Team -2019
FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup in Debrecen (Hungary) -19
Icelandic Dominos League -2020 (Player of the Week Rd.8)
Icelandic Cup Winner -2020
Eurobasket.com All-Icelandic League Center of the Year -2020
Eurobasket.com All-Icelandic League First Team -2020
Danish DameLigaen -2021 (Player of the Week: 2 times)
FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers -2021: 6 games: 9.2ppg, 6.3rpg, 2.3apg, FGP: 35.4%, 3PT: 40.0%
Eurobasket.com All-Danish Dameligaen Finals MVP -2021, 22
Danish Dameligaen Regular Season Champion -2021, 22
Danish Dameligaen Champion -2021, 22
Danish Dameligaen -2022 (Player of the Week: 9 times)
Eurobasket.com All-Danish Dameligaen Player of the Year -2022
Eurobasket.com All-Danish Dameligaen Center of the Year -2022
Eurobasket.com All-Danish Dameligaen Defensive Player of the Year -2022


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